Sample Reading #1

Salmon, sake, soup. Semi-colons. An arrangement of punctuation so geometrically appealing. Free verse, limerick, sonnets…structure. Most important, line-spacing (and margins sometimes).


Soft-tap & wait. A lot of waiting and so little travelling. Up north — whatever happens there, down south — whoever goes there.

Build conflict

“I don’t believe married accounts of marriage” leads to “Is fascism bad?” A human/person/human-person that works at something could decide to express sentiment. Is in fact, compelled to express sentiment. I function in this regard by getting “content” from the simulacra? The simulacra gives me “content”? Take old pictures for example; bald young man at a party holding a slew of balloons. Little black kids at the table with eggnog. Winston from New Girl at fifteen.

Forget & fail

In the sullage of temporary amnesia, visit Plato’s unreality. Have a chat with Achilles and Patroclus. Observe the tropes — tell them what progressives they are, tell them about cell-phones and airplanes, don’t expect them to comprehend. Relish your transcendental superiority.

Toni Morrison

The key to mothballing an entire post-modern town is conflating tuxedos and horrible lighting on a churning wharf. Enjoy your craft, remember things, not so much the state of them but the way they made you feel. Things, such as the neck-rolls on a fat man’s body or the bluish glint in his steely eyes.

Stand-up comics

Did the feeling of hopelessness ever get so intolerable for those in the Wild West that they decided to do something about it? Did they gather at typified saloons to listen to grey-haired messiahs? Did they leave with more agency over their lives? Did they buy tickets? Did anyone opt to make a review on the contingency of their exploitation?

Russell Wilson

The desire to obtain social capital and by extension — the bric-a-brac of similar self-aggrandizing pursuits, upsets and confounds me to points of utter despair. While I do not excel at comprehension, I have quite the predilection for holding on to despair. Watching it simmer, nearly boiling over, as Josh Kramer stabs his Steinway & Sons. Also, to stand behind a microphone and infer all sorts is ultimately pernicious in my book. To self-flagellate as well. To believe, to wait…as well.


Hollywood, and all the ways it reckons art should be terminated because due process must be observed because labor is involved.




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